Yet another failed KDE release?

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Thu Mar 21 15:39:31 GMT 2013

On Thursday, 2013-03-21, dE . wrote:

> I'd the same issue with Debian testing; also distros wont upgrade to the
> latest 'stable' KDE; they usually wait for the last bug fix release, or

Make sense, doesn't it?
The x.y.0 version is always the start of a stabilization cycle, just like for 
the distributions themselves.
It is like a slider from newest to stablest, depending on ones needs one needs 
to chose the right point in time.

E.g. on my Kubuntu workstation I upgrade a couple of days before a new release 
comes up, thus getting the most stable version availale.
On my Debian laptop I run Debian/Unstable, so I can't do that on distribution 
versions, but I can still wait for certain projects x.y.1 or x.y.2 before 
upgrading the respective packages.

Servers with Debian/Stable are also not upgraded on release, admins test on 
separate machines until a minor release appears which meets their criteria.
As far as I know that is even true for admins of Windows servers, i.e. they 
always wait for at least the first service pack before they consider 

I guess one could say that there are two cascades cycles:
- development cycle: x.y -> x.y+1 -> ...
- refinement/deployment cycle: x.y.z -> x.y.z+1

The development cycle goes from basic features to advanced features, the 
deployment cycle from unstable to stable.

Or like a matrix with basic/unstable in one corner, advanced/unstable in one 
direction, basic/stable in the other and advanced/stable in the opposite 
Obviously both dimensions expanding over time :)

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