Yet another failed KDE release?

Ingo Malchow imalchow at
Wed Mar 20 14:54:11 GMT 2013

Am Dienstag, 19. März 2013, 22:28:48 schrieb dE .:
> This release of KDE (4.10.1), is till date the buggiest I've seen.
> I switched to KDE when it was at 4.4.
> I personally, don't really mind the bugs, it reminds me how ignorant KDE
> release team is; KDE was, is and never will be suited for the enterprise if
> it continues these 6 months feature focused release cycles.
> This mailing list is full of rants and complains and the KDE teams doesnt
> give a damn.

This is a KDE user support list. By nature you won't find posts like "Hey, 
plasma is working, can you help me?"...
But seriously, complaints are always the loudest. Personally i am running KDE 
*with* semantic desktop and kdepim, and it works very smooth. Note, this is 
personal experience in my own workflow and machine. This doesn't reflect any 
other situation. Do i ever write to such a list about my happyness with it? 
No. Happy users only rarely write something to mailinglists about thanking the 
So even if this list is full of complaints, and - let's say - there are around 
10 rants per month, nothing else, how does it compare to some million kde 
users worldwide? not at all. Hope you get the point.

> Again --
> We DON'T want features pouring at speed of light, we need STABILITY so KDE can
> be _used_ by *common* people.
> Increase the release cycles to 2 years, or don't have ANY such time
> limiting goals; i.e. wait for the new release to become stable enough, and
> provide bug backports for the current stable release.
> Is Novel listening? I wonder how they manage with KDE.
> This mail is for sake of the project, not for MY personal frustrations with
> KDE. I deploy Xfce anyway.

It pretty much sounds like frustrations. You take your own unstable system for 
a global issue. Believe me, it is not. Neither do i say, as my system is 
highly stable every other system is as well. 
As you said you do report bugs, which is highly appreciated. But like with all 
bugs, they need to be reproducable, else they are hard to fix. The more useful 
information the better.

Ingo Malchow
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