Yet another failed KDE release?

dE . de.techno at
Tue Mar 19 16:58:48 GMT 2013

This release of KDE (4.10.1), is till date the buggiest I've seen.

I switched to KDE when it was at 4.4.

I personally, don't really mind the bugs, it reminds me how ignorant KDE
release team is; KDE was, is and never will be suited for the enterprise if
it continues these 6 months feature focused release cycles.

This mailing list is full of rants and complains and the KDE teams doesnt
give a damn.

Again --

We DON'T want features pouring at speed of light, we need STABILITY so KDE can
be _used_ by *common* people.

Increase the release cycles to 2 years, or don't have ANY such time
limiting goals; i.e. wait for the new release to become stable enough, and
provide bug backports for the current stable release.

Is Novel listening? I wonder how they manage with KDE.

This mail is for sake of the project, not for MY personal frustrations with
KDE. I deploy Xfce anyway.
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