notify-send longer timeout? libnotify replacement?

adrelanos adrelanos at
Wed Mar 6 14:26:42 GMT 2013

Kevin Krammer:
> On Wednesday, 2013-03-06, adrelanos wrote:
>> Hi!
>> notify-send -t 600000 test
>> it always times out after 5 seconds.
>> It's a known bug in libnotify and won't get fixed. [1]
>> Can KDE (on Debian Wheezy) use some alternative to libnotify where
>> longer timeouts are possible?
> I just glanced at the bug report but as far as I can tell it is the receiver 
> of the notification that ignores the timeout.

So if I understand this right, even if I managed to somehow get
notify-send and/or kdialog --passivepopup to use xfce4-notifyd, I would
still end up with the hardcoded timeout of 5 seconds because that's
hardcoded in libnotify?

xfce4-notifyd is frontend? And not the backend causing this hardcoded

Are there any receivers I could use as replacement for libnotify?
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