Not possible to disable holidays anymore?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sat Jun 29 05:16:49 BST 2013

Nikos Chantziaras posted on Fri, 28 Jun 2013 22:58:29 +0300 as excerpted:

> Yes, they're not installed because I don't want or need them. I do not
> want to see Greek anywhere near of the installed applications and
> instead prefer the default, built-in English.

That sounds like me... but for a different reason (see below).

> It would be logical for the plasmoid to not display holidays if can't
> find the language files it needs. In System Settings / Locale, I've set
> "Greece" in the "Country" drop-down menu (this sets stuff like currency,
> date format, etc, without any problems and no language pack is needed.)
>   Why it still chooses to display USA holidays instead is beyond me.
> Just don't display anything; that would be the correct behavior if the
> language files can't be found.

The trouble with that idea is that, by long convention and now standard 
(POSIX, etc), in part because so much of the early Internet technology 
and software was /from/ the US, US and particularly US-ASCII (or now 
UTF-8, where the one-byte codes are with some exceptions US-ASCII) *ARE* 
the no (other) locales installed default.

So if no locale files can be found, the locale is, by definition, US.

Which BTW is why if I open kde settings (I refuse to call it system 
settings, because with a few exceptions, they're individual user-only, 
kde-only settings, that have little or nothing to do with the system when 
X, let alone KDE, isn't running, the kde3 term kcontrol, as still seen in 
the kcm/kcontrol-module file extension, was accurate and even googlable, 
system settings... not so much!), common appearance and behavior, locale, 
there's nothing but "System Country ()" (and default country, which I'm 
not sure the difference if any) to choose under country.  And no 
languages to choose under language, either.  I don't even have the files 
installed that would list additional countries, because I don't need 
them.  (But the other tabs, numbers/money/calendar/date&time/other, still 
have working selectors, I guess they use different data files.)

I don't need those extra files; they're of no use to me at all, as en-
US.utf-8 (or simply en-US, ascii, depending I believe on the system 
settings and user environment when kde is started) is the default if the 
other files aren't found, and that's what I use.

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