K menu submenu on a panel

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Tue Jun 18 17:29:30 BST 2013

but another thing... as a folder view, i don't see any way to change
the icon (it's a generic "sheet of paper" with "?". might be a way
programmatically/manual editing, but context "Folder View Settings"
doesn't show me any way to change it.  That limits its usefulness.

I would Definitely really love to have some type of "dock" or
"telescoping list of icons" or "Icon Group" (a containment widget
that held icons that would unroll on mouse-over) type plasmoid
widget that i could use like a "favorites" or just to organize my
own set of applications.  Trying to fabricate some type of kde-menu
hierarchy and making a folder-view to it might have been doable if
the panel icon for that could be changed.

i was hoping the "Shelf" plasmoid would be this, but it doesn't seem
very workable, either.

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