Is it normal that text in the clipboard gets lost?

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Thu Jun 6 20:32:28 BST 2013

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On 06/06/2013 17:17, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
> On 06/06/13 13:35, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> On 05/06/2013 20:00, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
>>> Yeah, if I do that the systray gets ugly, with that weird 
>>> triangle, where I never remember what's in it to begin with.
>>> It's the whole "do I currently have something running that's
>>> hidden in there?" feeling it gives me.  Guess I have to live
>>> with the scissors icon.
>>> From an architectural point of view, it would be more
>>> appropriate for klipper to be just the GUI to the clipboard,
>>> while the functionality of keeping the text around after the
>>> source app quits should have no representation in the systray.
>>> Quitting klipper should only remove the icon, not the core
>>> functionality.
>> Why not tackle this the configuration way?  If I understand you 
>> correctly you want klipper to run, but not to show an icon in
>> the systray.  If you right-click on the up-arrow next to the
>> system tray you can get the configuration dialog.  There, under
>> Entries, you can set Klipper to hide its icon.
> Already mentioned this in my post.  I don't do that because in that
> case an arrow/triangle appears on the systray that takes up a whole
> line on its own (I'm using a vertical panel.)  That's worse than
> having the icon to begin with.
> And I usually want all systray icons to show.  I don't like hiding
> and guesswork ("hm I wonder what I have running in there").  The
> real problem here is that KDE doesn't provide the needed
> functionality itself in its core, but rather needs a program to do
> it.  This strikes me as a bit kludgy and hackish.
You're entitled to your opinion, but from the early days of Linux, the
mantra was "do one thing and do it well", which precludes having all
functionality built into the "core".  The fact that some packages,
LibreOffice and Kontact being good examples, try to meet the needs of
people who don't like it that way, doesn't change the basic philosophy.

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