Opening Konsole with Multiple Pre-loaded Tabs

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Mon Jul 29 17:33:25 BST 2013

Am Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013, 08:37:44 schrieb Jerome Yuzyk:
> On Tuesday, July 23, 2013 10:44:00 AM Burkhard Lück wrote:
> > Am Montag, 22. Juli 2013, 22:02:33 schrieb Duncan:
> > > I see --tabs from file in konsole's --help output, but I would have had
> > > to guess or google the file's format.
> > 
> > No need to guess or google the file format, just read
> >
> > tml
> It's also available via the Konsole Help file, albeit missing the
> 'profile:' option, and a note about needing one of 'command:' or
> 'profile:', according to the source.
You are right.

One addition from the source:

Empty lines or lines beginning with '#' are ignored, so a line beginning with 
'#' can be useed to add comments to the file.

> BTW, my Konsole Help (4.10.4) has a typo: "PUT A DIRECOTRY"
Thanks for the hint, this typo was fixed in january 2013.

Any objections to add the attachment to the konsole docbook?

Burkhard Lück
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<note><para>The file has one tab per line in the following format:</para>
<!-- inspired by -->
<para>Each line specifies a tab to open using up to 4 fields specifying how it is to open. 
Fields are delimited with <userinput>;;</userinput> and a field name must have a <userinput>:</userinput> appended.
Empty lines or lines with <userinput>#</userinput> at the beginning are ignored, so you can use line beginning with 
<userinput>#</userinput> to add comments.

<member><userinput>title:</userinput> a name for this tab, tab default if blank or not specified</member>
<member><userinput>workdir:</userinput> working directory, <filename class="directory"> ~</filename> if blank or not specified</member>
<member><userinput>profile:</userinput> a &konsole; profile to use, the default if blank or not specified</member>
<member><userinput>command:</userinput> a command to run</member>
<para>Each line should contain at least one of <userinput>command</userinput> or <userinput>profile</userinput> field.
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