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Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Fri Jul 19 21:49:09 BST 2013

Felix Miata wrote, On 07/19/2013 01:36 PM:
> This has been happening for months on several systems. When session is exited with Konsole open at 0,0, on approximately every other session start, Konsole opens on taskbar, and can't be restored. Only ways to get it back are exit and start session again, or close Konsole from its taskbar context menu and start anew. Do others see this?


I haven't seen that particular konsole bug (of the many it has,
unfortunately), but i wonder if its geometry info is getting munged

I presume you've also tried using "FullScreen" and "Maximize"
options from the taskbar?

I'd check the output from commands like:

    xprop -name konsole
checking anything related to 'size' and 'state'

You can obtain the Xid's from your konsole apps with:
    $ xwininfo -all -root -children | grep '"Konsole"'
         0x2200042 "konsole": ("konsole" "Konsole")  960x480+0+0  +0+0
         0x220003a "konsole": ("konsole" "Konsole")  960x480+0+0  +0+0
               0x22000e3 "~ : bash": ("konsole" "Konsole")  1875x1046+0+0  +12+131
               0x220004a "root at blargh": ("konsole" "Konsole")  1875x1046+0+0  +2+29
Hmm, the first two seem to be some kind of "container" window, the subsequent ones
appear to be associated with the currently selected tab in the konsole window.
the first show up as unmapped
    $ for id in 0x2200042 0x220003a 0x22000e3 0x220004a; do echo "[$id]"; xwininfo  -id $id | grep -e 'Map State' -e 'Corners' -e 'geometry'; done
      Map State: IsUnMapped
      Corners:  +0+0  -2880+0  -2880-720  +0-720
      -geometry 960x480+0+0
      Map State: IsUnMapped
      Corners:  +0+0  -2880+0  -2880-720  +0-720
      -geometry 960x480+0+0
      Map State: IsViewable
      Corners:  +12+53  -2618+53  -2618-23  +12-23
      -geometry 1210x1124+10-21
      Map State: IsViewable
      Corners:  +2+29  -1963+29  -1963-125  +2-125
      -geometry 1875x1046+0+0

and use xwininfo and xprop with the -id option like:

    xprop -id 0x2200042
    xwininfo -id 0x2200042 -all

    qdbusviewer (search org.kde.konsole) ... konsole/ MainWindow_1/ org.qtproject.Qt.QWidget  frame/size/position/geometry  properties

make sure the geometry isn't something where x/y are "off screen".

This won't solve the problem, but if you do find that the geometry
is mangled, you might be able to create a script to run through the
found konsole windows and reset the geometry to something sane.

something like 'xdotool' might help, for example:

  xdotool -windowmap ...  
  xdotool -windowmove ... 1 1

You could put that into an Autostart directory script.


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