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John Woodhouse posted on Mon, 15 Jul 2013 09:03:13 -0700 as excerpted:

> Out of interest some one tested KDE against Gnome in respect to what
> appears to be a Kernal bug - machine can lock up given disc access. I
> have had this one KDE 4.6, find myself typing ahead even with properly
> raided 10k ultra 320 scsi on a true 64bit motherboard. ;-) Might be 15k
> actually,
> probably is. Part cured by moving from 4 to 8gb but still happens from
> time to time. The test found that Gnome suffered far less than KDE,
> dedicated KDE user as well and still is. Probably because Gnome has less
> in the way or is just more efficient.

This bit might be the nepomuk indexing.  In 4.10 and 4.11 that is said to 
be MUCH faster, with less disturbing whatever else is going on, and it's 
supposed to be easier to turn off... to the extent that on gentoo, with 
4.11 they took away the semantic-desktop USE flag that allowed one to 
build kde without it, as in theory it can be turned off at runtime now.

But, having gone to quite some trouble to remove it from my system, 
including dumping kmail and anything kdepim related since that required 
it, I wasn't going to let it back on my system... I'd have rather 
switched to some other desktop.  So I ended up with an automated patch 
system that applies patches to the gentoo ebuilds as they're updated, to 
remove that stuff and continue to keep it off my system.  Too bad as 
gentoo in theory is about giving the user such choices, but what do you 
do when none of the gentoo/kde maintainers are interested in it?

Anyway, that's why I'm reporting the semantic-desktop changes in third 
person, I don't know what the changes are like personally as I won't let 
semantic-desktop on my system, period.

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