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Jerome Yuzyk jerome at
Mon Jul 15 19:17:14 BST 2013

On Monday, July 15, 2013 11:52:18 AM Duncan wrote:
> Jerome Yuzyk posted on Sun, 14 Jul 2013 22:08:35 -0600 as excerpted:
> > Is there any plan to make the Restore Sessions function have a dialog
> > to
> > allow what session items to restart after login?
> Not being a dev I can't answer that question in detail, but...
> > Currently it's all or nothing, so I've turned it off and fashioned my
> > own ways to repopulate my Desktops after a restart. In the case of a
> > crash I don't always remember what I had open. With something like the
> > Restore function used by Konqueror and other browsers, I could use
> > Restore the same way for my KWin (?) sessions.
> Two answers to think about, one dealing with the current situation, one
> discussing the future based on the kde blogs, etc, I've read.
> Current:  KDE's session management is customizable in a couple different
> ways.

I know about those ways, but they're not what I'm looking for.

Perhaps someone here knows where the list of currently-opened items that 
Restore would use is stored, and maybe I can do something with that. I have 
a stock set of things that I always open after a restart, that's easy. What 
is not so easy is what I had open in addition to these items after a 
restart. My idea is to be able to pick up where I left off after a restart 
but selectively. 

Now that I am getting familiar looking into the source for various KDE 
components, a pointer to which package/source file would get me started.

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