Kmail2 problem

Graham Lauder g.a.lauder at
Thu Jul 11 05:40:41 BST 2013

On Thu, 11 Jul 2013 16:09:26 +1200, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:

> Graham Lauder posted on Thu, 11 Jul 2013 15:52:09 +1200 as excerpted:
>> I uninstalled kmail and then reinstalled, no joy.  Could it be something
>> to do with Akonadi because after reinstall nothing had changed.  Can I
>> remove Akonadi and start again some how without breaking other stuff.
>> Kmail is becoming pretty much unusable which is a shame because I love
>> it to bits when it's going right.
> This is definitely a case of YMMV, but FWIW, I came to the same
> conclusion some versions ago, and switched to claws-mail here, which I'm
> very happy with.  It's gtk, but with the appropriate box checked in the
> kde color settings kcontrol module, kde's colors take, and because claws-
> mail considers script and commandline integration a bullet-point feature,
> it's unlikely to change up the back end and break everybody's scripts as
> well as create huge numbers of bugs in the app itself, as kmail did when
> it akonadified.

I've taken to using Opera mail and I'm getting to like it more and more  
but of course it doesn't have the Calendar.  It's disappointing when a  
programme just get's worse and worse rather than a continual line of  
improvement.  The old Kmail on my wifes openSUSE 11.2 box works fine. No  
issues, rock solid.  I'm not sure what to do beyond posting on bugzilla.   
There seems to be a database issue and possibly there might be a fix at db  
level I don't know but it appears that Kmail has been abandoned by the  
devs given the lack of response on bugzilla.


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