scanned image size

Doug dmcgarrett at
Fri Jan 18 03:22:25 GMT 2013

Hope this is the right forum for the question:
I scan an image in using xsane.  It displays magnified many many times. 
I save
that image as a .png file, and then when I open it, or email it someone 
who opens it,
either in Linux or in Windows, the image comes out very small on the 
smaller than what the original was.
(I'm scanning using the scan function of an Epson WP-4530 multi-function
printer, networked via Ethernet.)

So: is there any way to make the scanned image on screen in xsane look a
reasonable facsimile, size-wise, of the original document or picture, and is
there a way to make that image come out about that same size when
saved as .png and viewed by an image viewer like Gwenview, or Windows
Photo Viewer?

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