Embeded pdf in rekonq only on 1/2 screen

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Jan 17 22:54:50 GMT 2013

Maxime Haselbauer posted on Thu, 17 Jan 2013 22:08:42 +0100 as excerpted:

> Since a couple of days I have an issue when reading pdf from rekonq,
> using the "embeded okular": See the link below, half of the screen
> appears to belong to a rekonq toolbar or something. I have no cursor to
> pull it up. Of course I can save the pdf instead of opening it inside
> rekonq, but still it, if someone knows what to do... thks
> http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/17/plasma-desktopKU2142.png

I have no direct answer but perhaps a related data point.  That looks 
very much like a bug I've so far only seen in gtk related apps (pan, the 
news client, primarily), nothing kde.  As best I've been able to figure 
out, it's related to some sort of race condition whereby some resource 
(like an icon or a text string) isn't loading before the GUI is drawn, 
triggering a bug when the widget drawing method encounters a zero-size 
resource that it's not prepared to deal with.

In my case with gtk/pan (and I'll note that a couple of other pan users 
have mentioned seeing it as well), the one instance is in a multi-column 
tree-view widget, where two columns normally show icons (representing the 
state of the message, read, cached, saved, etc).  When those icon 
resources fail to load, the columns collapse to zero-width, triggering a 
recalculate for the position of the rest of the columns, and instead of a 
nicely rendered table layout with multiple columns, I get a single column 
taking up the entire width of the widget (nearly full-screen 1920 px 
width, in my case).

That in turn screws up the configured layout as pan stores it, so I get 
the same problem on pan restart.  I have a backup of that config file and 
was able to replace the bad one, but it eventually happened again.  As it 
happens, I was already using a pan wrapper script launcher to setup some 
other stuff before starting pan, and I eventually did a diff between the 
bad config and the good one, and now invoke patch to apply that diff to 
the config file if necessary, as part of the wrapper launch script.  It's 
a hack, but it works.

The other instance is in the pan prefs dialog.  In this instance, it's 
apparently a string resource, maybe an invalid UTF-8 character or some 
such, triggering a mostly empty dialog several times the height of the 
screen!  There's a few settings at the very top, and the OK button 
waaayyyyy......... dooowwwnnn ...... at the bottom, several screens worth 

It's the appearance of this second instance that your png called to my 
mind, with all that vertical blank space.  Since I've only seen the bug 
in that gtk-based app, and you're seeing it in kde/rekonq, it may or may 
not be a related bug, but it's certainly similar enough in appearance to 
trigger the association here, so I offer it as another possible data 

Meanwhile, to try to address the problem...  As I mentioned, in the one 
instance I was able to trace the reoccurrence to a layout saved in a 
config file.  Have you tried it using a clean kde config, yet?  Either 
setup a new user without an existing config to test it with, or 
(presumably operating from a text console as root, not logged in as your 
normal user) temporarily rename your home dir and replace it with an 
empty one for the test.  Then log into kde as your normal user, and see 
if the problem still occurs with that clean config.  If it doesn't occur 
there, then you know it's in your config somewhere, and all you have to 
do is isolate the problem and correct it.  If it does, then it's probably 
a distro or upstream kde issue, and much harder for you to deal with 
except by doing the save thing to work around it, until it's fixed.

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