skulpture or similar theme for recent KDE/GTK3 desktops?

Kristian Rink kawazu428 at
Wed Jan 9 08:29:41 GMT 2013


first off, thanks a bunch for your message. :)

Am Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013, 19:29:16 schrieb Draciron Smith:
> Not sure haven't tried it but I'd think it'd be fairly easy to port it over
> yourself. All a theme is, is a series of images and a cfg file, or at least
> used to be. I used to mod them all the time myself. Haven't done so in
> quite a few years though. Remember Linux = total control over your system.

Yeah you're right. Yet, looking at GTK3 theming from an end users view point 
(my own days of building custom themes date back to good ol' WindowMaker in 
late 1990s...), and reading through some of the comments in places such as, I guess I would get nowhere trying to do so. :) Overally, I 
asked because I thought of this as something that so far one might have 
already solved in a way more pleasant than I am possibly capable of doing. 
Somehow I really miss the gtk-qt-engine for these purposes which so far, 
however, doesn't seem to support GTK3 yet. Pretty much the same, overally, it 
used to be while migrating from GTK 1 to GTK 2 ages ago. :/

Thanks anyway, all the best!
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