Handling recently opened files

Alexander Puchmayr alexander.puchmayr at linznet.at
Sun Jan 6 08:57:17 GMT 2013

Hi there,

I'm using autofs and automount for accessing the various home directories, 
e.g. desktop, notebook, server, etc. Specifically, I have

/home/desktop/alex	--> my home directory on the desktop
/home/notebook/alex --> my home directory on the notebook

/home is a autofs mount point, and /home/desktop and /home/notebook get 
automatically mounted via NFS is someone accesses /home/desktop/<something> or

If I have ever opened a file on a remote home directory, its path is written to 
some recent file history, and KDE-applications are trying to access these files 
every time they are started up.
As I'm using auto mount to mount it via NFS, this leads to annoying NFS-
timeouts if the corresponding computer is not powered on. Additionally, 
frequent accesses to those shares prevent automount from dismounting the share 
if not used, and furthermore it may cause unintended spin-ups of the 
underlaying disks, if they are in idle/power-save mode (this applies to local 
disks as well). 

Is it  possible somehow to configure that these recent files are *only* being 
accessed when they are really needed, i.e. manually selected by the user?

Are there better ways to temporarily mount remote directories?



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