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> Actually, I think you'll find a lot of folks agreeing with you.  The new 
> akonadified kmail is more problems than it's worth, and a lot of former 
> kmail users are just that, FORMER kmail users, as a result.
> I know I am!

I am just trying to understand why KDE feels they need to look and feel like windows and have the system do everything for you.

> As I'm on gentoo and pretty much totally exterminated both akonadi and 
> semantic-desktop from my system (gentoo's build-from-source, so allows an 
> admin to configure support for optional features such as semantic-desktop 
> and akonadi in or out at build-time, I've configured it OUT!) back in the 
> kde 4.7 era, I've forgotten the details and can't simply run it and look, 
> but the general idea is...

I am running Sabayon.  I am not yet skilled enough to run Gentoo.

> Go to your akonadi accounts control (I think it's in kde settings, aka 
> system settings, except they're kde settings, not system settings for the 
> most part, no matter WHAT the name is) and find and delete the mail 
> accounts.  That should solve that problem.

Thank you very much.  I found here the account setting for all my mail accounts and removed them.

> If you don't need akonadi running for anything else, you may be able to 
> configure it not to start with kde, as well.  That will save you the 
> resources it uses.  But as I said, it's used by several other programs in 
> the kdepim module now too, and if you are using one of those, you'll 
> probably have to let it run... at least until you can find alternatives 
> to those programs and switch for them too.

I see only the following in my setup;

	Local Folders

I am not sure what they do or if I really need them.
How does one go about stopping akonadi?

> If that's not specific enough, hopefully someone else with akonadi still 
> installed can get you something more specific, but that's the general 
> idea, anyway...

Thank you very much.  You have been very helpful.


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