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Fri Feb 8 03:34:25 GMT 2013

On 02/08/13 07:47, Robert wrote:
> Hello,
> Hello,
> I am hoping someone will be able to help me out with an issue I am having with the above named programs.
> On my older system I am running KMail and I like it a lot.  When I got my new laptop I decided to install Kmail on it too.  Problem is Kmail is no
> longer like the old kmail, I know everyone is going to say it is better but that is not my opinion.

Oh no, no one except accepted kde contributes is even going to say any 
of KDE 4's release is stable enough (except 4.6 and 4.9.5 maybe) for 
production use, and when you complain, the KDE contributes scold you.

> Any why after it was installed kwallet was used
> to track the passwords for the different email accounts.  After giving it a go I decided that kmail2 was not for me and I un-installed it.
> Now the issue I am having is I keep being prompted for the password for kwallet to access my email.  The exact text is as follows;
> 	The application 'XXXXX of type POP3 E-Mail Server'
> 	has requested to open the wallet 'kdewallet'. Please enter
> 	the password for this wallet below.
> How do I get this to stop?  The email client I am using doesn't use kwallet so I know for a fact this is not what is causing this issue.
> Thank you for your time.

Go to that kwallet icon and configure it to open up for a few minutes, 
or open up without asking a password if application kmail asks for it.

Also, I myself don't use kmail, but looking at the feedback in this 
mailing list.
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