KWallet isn't working since the last Upgrade

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Thu Aug 15 19:07:03 BST 2013


since I carried out a full system upgrade (using Arch Linux) on monday (it was the first upgrade after almost 4 month), I still have some troubles with KDE.

First of all, there was the problem, that I couldn't reach the KDM login screen. After 3 days of checking and trying everything I found out, that there's something wrong with the /usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc. I just replaced it by a *.pacnew-file; now KDM is working but all my KDM-settings (e.g. themes, ...) are gone. But never mind, I can fix it later.

The biggest problem is, that my KWallet isn't working. In KWallet I saved passwords for KMail, all my mail accounts and Pidgin. When I just startet the computer, KWallet asks me for the password to open the wallet. I enter the password (I'm 100% sure that I enter the correct password) and nothing happens. Pidgin complains that it can't use the wallet, because it's still closed. And KMail just tries to connect to the mail servers without any complaining. Also the icon in the tray shows a closed wallet. If I try to open the wallet "manually", KWallet asks me again for the password, I enter and press "Open", but again nothing happens. The windows, which actually should show all the saved passwords, remains white and emtpy. The symbol in the tray is still showing a closed wallet. So, can anybo
 dy tell my what could be happend here and how I can fix it? Changing the password isn't possible, too.

And a second little trouble is, that there are no more sounds appearing: no system sound when KDM is ready, no system sound when KDE was started and no sound when I try to play some music, videos or internet streams. I checked the settings for Phonon, but everything seems to be okay.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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