Autostart removable media setting

Kip Warner kip at
Fri Aug 2 22:13:32 BST 2013

On Fri, 2013-08-02 at 00:59 +0000, Duncan wrote:
> I believe the plumbing is there, but an auto-run action may not be 
> configured by default.

> When media detection and actions are setup, inserting a removable media 
> (be it a USB stick/drive, a CD/DVD, or whatever) triggers media detection 
> via udev and udisks (I have udev installed and the USE flag on but not 
> udisks, as when I investigated it's a small scripts package by itself, 
> but pulls in all sorts of other deps including parted, polkit, 
> consolekit, spidermonkey... 

I think typically when autostart is implemented, it's at a much higher
level than udev. Under Xfce, I believe this functionality is implemented
in thunar-volman. User level graphical configuration is available in

> That detection triggers a notification with various actions available.
> The actions are configurable based on the type of device, etc, and by 
> default include things like playing a DVD in a media player (using 
> standard associations), mounting the filesystem and 
> opening it in dolphin, etc.

Yup. But I think the auto action functionality in KDE is different than

> Using that infrastructure, I believe it would be reasonably easy to setup 
> an autoplay action, 

It could be done that way, but ideally the layman user should probably
not have to make custom action definitions for something already

> If that action isn't there by default, it may be that the 
> spec for it came along after kde4 was already available and it was judged 
> a feature that should wait for a major version bump, kde5/frameworks.  
> Alternatively, it may be that it was judged a bit too risky, even with a 
> prompt.

I suspect that it's probably the former reason because the spec clearly
states that execution can never happen automatically, even when the
feature is enabled, and the user would always have to be prompted

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Duncan.

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