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Wed Oct 17 07:44:30 BST 2012

Felix Miata wrote, On 10/12/2012 09:50 PM:
> On 2012-10-12 16:28 (GMT-0500) Brian J Densmore composed:
>> Nepomuk is required to be installed in the latest KDE.
> But it isn't required to be running. KDE is highly configurable. Look up the following:
> nepomukserverrc
> nepomukstrigirc
> [Basic Settings]
> Start Nepomuk=false
> [main Settings]
> Used Soprano Backend=null
> rebuilt index for type indexing=false
> [Service-nepomukstrigiservice]
> autostart=false
> [General]
> folders[$e]=$HOME/tmp/null
> index hidden folders=false
> index newly mounted=false

Yep, we do this here:

-or- most likely:
$(kde4-config --path config | cut -d: -f2)/nepomukserverrc
[Basic Settings]
Start Nepomuk=false

That works for all users of the system to keep Nepomuk from auto-starting.

Similarly, you can drop that in $(kde4-config --localprefix)/share/config/nepomukserverrc
(or likely $(kde4-config --path config | cut -d: -f1)/nepomukserverrc
on a per-user basis.


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