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Tue Oct 16 02:34:40 BST 2012

dudux posted on Sun, 14 Oct 2012 16:56:36 -0700 as excerpted:

> How do I get KDE for OpenBSD?

I can't answer that and see you already have an answer, but just a note, 
since it might make a difference next time you have a question.  Of 
course, other readers may see this post too, and my audience is as much 
them as the OP.

Please consider using a better subject line.  Unfortunately, the one you 
used looks WAYY too much like spam, and a lot of people thus may not see 
it at all.  Something like this the following would have been better:

KDE for OpenBSD?

With that title, readers would immediately know (1) it's on-topic for the 
list, and (2) what platform/distro you're interested in.

By unfortunate contrast, for all the reader seeing the title of this 
thread knows, the "it" people are presumably being offered the change to 
"get" could be ... anything.  (I was going to supply a typical spam offer 
list, but then realized it'd probably get /this/ post snared by the spam 
filters, especially with the title it still has...)

So to everyone:  Please do consider how your chosen subject line might 
interact with spam filters as well as how informative on the actual post 
content it is, and act accordingly, when you post questions.  The result 
will likely be more people actually seeing the post, dramatically 
increasing the chances of it being seen by someone with a good answer, 
PLUS being easier googling for others with the same question.  That's a 
benefit to all. =:^)

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