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Klaus Slott list-s at
Sun Oct 14 18:17:06 BST 2012


I am currently considering to move back to KDE after using XFCE a while. So I 
tried to login to a KDE session today. My system is OpenSUSE, now with KDE 
4.8.5 release 521.

I had troubles with several things, especially kmail: "KMail encountered a 
fatal error and will terminate now. Failed to fetch >> the resource 
collection" So I decided to try a clean start and removed everything that 
looked kde accosiated::


logging in again I was now able to make Kmail work with IMAP and started to 
configure myself a new Desktop. But one thing still does not work: No matter 
if I use a Destop folder or a Folder widget, a new file in this folder does 
not show up before I left click and select Refresh. Not even if I drag a file 
from one folder widget to another, is the content updated! 

Other users on this machine does not have this problem. I probably messed up 
some setting, before I gave up on KDE at version 4.2.something. But where?

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