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Brian J Densmore posted on Fri, 12 Oct 2012 16:28:42 -0500 as excerpted:

> This is really getting very annoying.
> Nepomuk is required to be installed in the latest KDE.
> I don't want Nepomuk installed. I can understand it's not an option to
> not have it in KDE, because many apps make use of it.

Actually, it /is/ an option to run without nepomuk, etc.  I'm running kde 
here, without it, on gentoo (USE=-semantic-desktop... and a few other USE 
flags turned off too once I did that).

But ultimately it's a build-time option, simply turning it off at run-
time doesn't always work so well, as both you and I have found out by 
now.  Unfortunately, I know of no binary-based distro that turns it off, 
so if you run with them, AFAIK you're stuck with it.  That's one of the 
advantages of a good from-source distro that lets you toggle such options 
at pre-build configure-time, while still helping with dependencies, etc, 
so you don't have to track all that stuff manually. =:^)

There really would be a niche for a kde-based desktop distro that turned 
that stuff off, since nobody else seems to be doing it, and I was 
actually VERY surprised at how much faster my system was without it.  
Seriously, it felt like I was an MS user just finding out what either all 
that malware or all that anti-malware was doing to the speed of the 
system, or like I had just gotten another couple cores or half a 
gigahertz of speed... without having to pay for it!

> However, I don't want it running and scanning/indexing my drive,
> and I definitely don't want it popping up messages in the middle of my
> work day about things it's doing. I don't care what it's doing or how
> important it thinks something is. I don't want it interrupting me.
> Further, I don't want KDE or any other running process popping up
> messages interrupting my day (or evening for that matter). I've turned
> off every message the system allows me to turn off. I've turned off
> Nepomuk. Yet, I'm still getting these Goddamn messages from some
> process, They pop up on the side of my desktop, and they sit there for
> like a minute, or the pop up comes across the top of the screen usually
> three, one underneath the other.
> Most days, I just run LXDE anymore, because KDE is just so annoying and
> counter-productive. But since many of my tools are KDE tools like
> KWallet,
> and my "favorites". I bites, especially since I've been using KDE since
> 1997. You, as in the KDE devs, need to fix this. It's like an Eve of
> Destruction ( a nuclear weapon android with no off switch).

Agreed in general.  I too got fed up with it, thus my turning it off.

FWIW, it was akonadi doing the popup thing here, even after I switched 
from kmail to claws-mail but still had it installed as an indirect 
dependency of akregator, which hadn't been akonadified yet, but used the 
kdepim libs which required it.  You DO have to get rid of all kdepim apps 
and libs in ordered to disable it, but I got so fed up that even nearing 
a decade on kmail wasn't enough to keep me dealing with it, thus the 
switch to claws-mail!  But the rest of kde does reasonably well having 
the build-time option.  It does kill some file-manager information 
functionality (they ripped out the other ways they used to provide some 
of that info, image size and in-file comments, for instance), but it's 
worth it not to have a constantly dragging system, or the annoying 
"nepomuk must be turned on! or we'll bug you until you do or kill 
semantic-desktop entirely" messages!

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