Brian J Densmore brian at
Fri Oct 12 22:28:42 BST 2012

This is really getting very annoying.

Nepomuk is required to be installed in the latest KDE.

I don't want Nepomuk installed. I can understand it's not an option
to not have it in KDE, because many apps make use of it.
However, I don't want it running and scanning/indexing my drive,
and I definitely don't want it popping up messages in the middle of my
work day about things it's doing. I don't care what it's doing or how
important it thinks something is. I don't want it interrupting me.

Further, I don't want KDE or any other running process popping up messages
interrupting my day (or evening for that matter). I've turned off every
message the system allows me to turn off. I've turned off Nepomuk. Yet,
I'm still getting these Goddamn messages from some process, They pop up on
the side of my desktop, and they sit there for like a minute, or the pop
up comes across the top of the screen usually three, one underneath the

Most days, I just run LXDE anymore, because KDE is just so annoying and
counter-productive. But since many of my tools are KDE tools like KWallet,
and my "favorites". I bites, especially since I've been using KDE since
1997. You, as in the KDE devs, need to fix this. It's like an Eve of
Destruction ( a nuclear weapon android with no off switch).


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