wtf fucked up power devil

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Fri May 25 07:14:14 BST 2012

On Friday, 2012-05-25, Duncan wrote:

> I've read that the lower level tools themselves changed.  Apparently,
> some of the knobs power devil was using weren't designed to to be
> individually tweaked, and they either disappeared entirely or there were
> bugs related to their use that were closed WONTFIX as they weren't
> supposed to be directly tweaked in the first place.
> So power devil didn't have much of a choice.  They could either do the
> complicated thing and provide a GUI that allowed setting most of what
> laptop-mode-tools does, but that was several times more complex than what
> they were doing, or go the simple, dumbed-down route.  For now, they went
> the dumbed-down route.  It's possible they'll eventually expose the
> complex config to those that want it, but that's a lot of code to write
> and test, so dumbed-down is what they'd be exposing temporarily, until
> the complex code could be written and tested, in any case.

As far as I understand the setup, the UI and the actual power managment code 
are separate entities, so if the management code does allow for more fine 
grained control somebody could write an alternative UI for it which exposes 
those controls.

One could check with the author of the new UI whether it would be possible to 
upload the old UI to kde-apps or something.


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