wtf fucked up power devil

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Fri May 25 01:33:04 BST 2012

Sérgio Basto posted on Thu, 24 May 2012 20:27:01 +0100 as excerpted:

> Wtf power devil has no more profiles,
> why some many regressions on one thing that was working so well , now
> have a stupid check box ,
> Power management enable , wtf that means ? what means disable power
> management ? is disable this tramp ?  .
> Cpu freq , not enter in screen saver (on presentations ) why this
> functions was removed ?
> I may want power save on AC Power or not want power saver on battery but
> is not a choice , who is the brain that think we are all stupids .
> Power management enable is the same of "power saved enabled" ?

I don't use power devil at all, preferring to use laptop-mode-tools 
(which has far more specific detail available than power devil, but you 
configure its text files manually, which some might not like) directly 
for automatic switching plus a couple scripts for on-demand, but...

I've read that the lower level tools themselves changed.  Apparently, 
some of the knobs power devil was using weren't designed to to be 
individually tweaked, and they either disappeared entirely or there were 
bugs related to their use that were closed WONTFIX as they weren't 
supposed to be directly tweaked in the first place.

So power devil didn't have much of a choice.  They could either do the 
complicated thing and provide a GUI that allowed setting most of what 
laptop-mode-tools does, but that was several times more complex than what 
they were doing, or go the simple, dumbed-down route.  For now, they went 
the dumbed-down route.  It's possible they'll eventually expose the 
complex config to those that want it, but that's a lot of code to write 
and test, so dumbed-down is what they'd be exposing temporarily, until 
the complex code could be written and tested, in any case.

There was definitely some controversy over the change, but it wasn't like 
the GUI tool authors had a lot of choice, when the interface they were 
using changed as it did.

I'd therefore suggest going the full laptop-mode-tools route, and 
configuring its various text-based config files manually if you want more 
control than the various GUIs, power devil and others, give you.  You'll 
have both a greater understanding of your system and finer control over 
it, when you're done, and thus will likely be happier with the outcome. 

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