Amarokusers: Lost of id3tag I think it might affect you too, It.might be worth reading

Maxime. Haselbauer maxime.haselbauer at
Sun May 20 21:45:13 BST 2012

I have found a bug that might affect you too.
After a reimport of my collection I once noticed that a lot of my id3tag
changed in amarok have not been saved. (
I investigated further and I think I recently found the reason why.

The theory is: for some reasons,* some of the mp3* files in my collection
do have *nothing in the artist and title fields of the id3 tag *( You can *see
it with the programm kid3*)
1) When amarok build the collection the first time, it guess the tag from
the filename -> which is fine
2) Then you will change the medata from within amarok -> it will appear as
changed in amarok also you won't worry about it
3) *The bug is however that  the change is not saved inside the file, but
only in amarok's own database*
4) Hence when you will rebuild your collection one day, all files that
previously had nothing in their artist/title field still have nothing and
amarok will reguess their metadta, hence loosing all changes you made. (for
those one files only)

If the file already has a artist/title in its tag when amarok scans it,
then saving the change apparently works well. From my experience of grabing
mp3's there and here (won't tell you where, no :p )* the concerning files
are about 20-30 percent* of a collection. (i.e with nothing in the
artist/title field)


   - Does anyone  manage to reproduce it ? (*use **kid3 to see the exact
   id3tag as stored in a mp3 file)* Be careful if you try to rebuild all
   your collection ! If the bug appear you could loose some information!
   - If someone reproduces it or has some precisions then
      -     2.1) Please leave a comment on so, that we hopefully get
      a fix for amarok 2.6!
      -     2.2) Please leave an answer to this email, to let other users
      know about it, and to let them know that they should never ever
rebuild the
      collection as long as it is not fixed !

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