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Sat May 19 14:09:41 BST 2012

On Sat, 19 May 2012 17:39:49 +0530, Hans Muecke  
<ubuntu-ml01 at filderstadtweather.eu> wrote:

> Am 19.05.2012 06:14, schrieb Renaud (Ron) Olgiati:
>> On Saturday 19 May 2012 05:54 my mailbox was graced by a message from  
>> Duncan
>> who wrote:
>>>  Switching
>>> my mail archive, address book, and mail filters over to claws-mail  
>>> wasn't
>>> easy, but it was worth it, for sure, and the worst I get in a crash is  
>>> a
>>> few read messages showing up as unread, again, if it hadn't yet saved
>>> that status.  YMMV, but claws-mail was a better solution for me anyway,
>> What are the best choices for replacing Kmail ?
> After upgrading to 12.04 (and KDE4.8 with it) and still getting strange
> effects with all that akonadi driven stuff I switched to Thunderbird,
> since I also use it with windows. It does what I expect and - for me a
> big plus - a WORKING calendar plugin for Google.

for me, since i started to use openSUSE 12.2 with KDE 4.8.3, all  
akonadi/nepomuk/strigi related problems have stopped -- at least until  
now. i don't think it depends so much on the distro version, or even the  
minor version of KDE 4.8.x, but that i started with a new $HOME this time.

previously i had been carrying most of my configuration with me through  
minor & major versions, but during oS 12.1 i wasn't able to get  
nepomuk/strigi to work properly. was getting strange errors that strigi  
couldn't be started due to three different possible reasons, and whatever  
i tried (new ~/.kde4, ~/.local, ~/.config), it just wouldn't work. on the  
other hand, for a new user account it did work, so i knew that i had  
something messed up in my config.

didn't find this important enough to start bisecting my whole $HOME, so i  
just waited for the next major version upgrade of openSUSE, and this time  
i started with a completely fresh $HOME, and voila, everything works  
great. no lost mails, those i read stay read, no duplicates, and what not.  
akonadi works well with google contacts & calendar, so far i couldn't find  
anything that doesn't work.

of course, it helps that i store my mail in a local dovecot server, so  
kmail would have to try really hard to mess those up.

there have been quite a few major changes to all those interconnected  
libraries, and i think it's asking too much to provide a faultless upgrade  
pass through all this. unless you tried this before, i'd suggest to start  
with a clean configuration and see if & how things work now, with KDE  
4.8.3. (not necessarily with your real user, but creating a new one should  
do the trick, if i'm right.)

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