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Sat May 12 19:23:38 BST 2012

On Sat, 12 May 2012 23:33:14 +0530, Kevin Krammer <krammer at> wrote:

> On Saturday, 2012-05-12, hbprotoss wrote:
>> Hello everybody.
>> I'd like to ask whether "dcop" tool is not available on KDE 4.8 any  
>> more?
>>   I want to change wallpapers automatically, but no suitable tools have
>> been found. I checked the wikipedia, found DCOP protocol, and it says
>> dcop command-line tool can help, but I can't find it on KDE 4.8.
> DCOP (desktop communication protocol) was KDE's means of communicating  
> between
> processes during the KDE 3 series.
> In order to facilitate more collaboration with other Free Software  
> desktop
> projects, the version 4 series switched to D-Bus which then even got  
> support
> in Qt4 itself.
> There are several D-Bus command line tools available, e.g. dbus-send  
> (from the
> core D-Bus package) or qdbus (from Qt, package "qdbus").
> The latter has a similar behavior like the dcop command line tool, e.g.
> invoking it without any argument shows the known D-Bus connections  
> (programs
> using D-Bus) and so on.
> There is also an UI tool calls qdbusviewer, package qt4-dev-tools, which  
> makes
> exploring available interfaces easier than repeatedly calling the  
> commandline
> tool.

qdbuviewer is great, but if the OP only wants to change wallpapers, that's
already included in plasma-desktop, no? folder view, grid, and 'normal'
desktop at least can be configured to use 'slideeshow' instead of an
image, and the folder(s) the images come from can be configured, as can
the time each remains as background.

since the OP seems to come from KDE3, perhaps he doesn't know about this

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