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Sat May 12 19:03:14 BST 2012

On Saturday, 2012-05-12, hbprotoss wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I'd like to ask whether "dcop" tool is not available on KDE 4.8 any more?
>   I want to change wallpapers automatically, but no suitable tools have
> been found. I checked the wikipedia, found DCOP protocol, and it says
> dcop command-line tool can help, but I can't find it on KDE 4.8.

DCOP (desktop communication protocol) was KDE's means of communicating between 
processes during the KDE 3 series.

In order to facilitate more collaboration with other Free Software desktop 
projects, the version 4 series switched to D-Bus which then even got support 
in Qt4 itself.

There are several D-Bus command line tools available, e.g. dbus-send (from the 
core D-Bus package) or qdbus (from Qt, package "qdbus").

The latter has a similar behavior like the dcop command line tool, e.g. 
invoking it without any argument shows the known D-Bus connections (programs 
using D-Bus) and so on.

There is also an UI tool calls qdbusviewer, package qt4-dev-tools, which makes 
exploring available interfaces easier than repeatedly calling the commandline 

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