Dots in filenames and automatic file extension completion

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Thu Jul 26 06:46:28 BST 2012

Mirosław Zalewski posted on Wed, 25 Jul 2012 14:01:06 +0200 as excerpted:

> Unfortunately, disabling "Automatically select filename extension"
> checkbox is working system-wide, at least on 4.8.4.

Well, kde-wide.  System-wide would affect gtk dialogs, even the command 
line where it could, as well, and it would affect all users.  (That's 
actually a major gripe I have with kde calling kde settings system 
settings, for the most part it's *NOT* system settings, but user-specific 
AND kde specific.  Granted, setting the time is system-wide, and a couple 
other settings, but not most of them.)

I /think/ it's that way with 4.9-rc2 as well.  Both gwenview and 
kolourpaint seemed to switch in tandem, anyway, tho I wasn't really 
testing that rigourously.

> Without this
> drawback, it would be nice workaround (but I have to think what is more
> frustrating - handicapped filenames in LO or being forced to type file
> extension each time).

FWIW, to me, the extension is part of the filename, so I expect to type 
it.  If it happens to be right and I don't have to type it, I won't 
complain, but I surely will if it starts coming up wrong and I can't set 
something to have it properly ignored (which in kde, I can).

> I believe that my questions #1 and #2 are pretty much answered (but any
> other comments are welcome). Any comments about my question #3?

If libreoffice is stripping a dot-component even with the automatic... 
unchecked, as your table shows, then the problem is definitely 
libreoffice, as that's not native kde behavior, as both you and I have 
verified now.

What appears to be happening is that libreoffice is stripping a dot-
component before it hands it off to the kde file dialog at all.  Then 
it's handed to the kde file dialog, and depending on kde's auto-extension 
setting, kde either leaves it as-is, or strips yet another dot-component, 
because it doesn't know libreoffice has already stripped one.

That's definitely a libreoffice bug.  They simply need to move the call 
to kde's file dialog before their dot-component-strip call, instead of 
after it, as it appears to be now.  Then libreoffice's behavior should 
match that of the rest of kde.

So that's where I'd report the bug, but be sure to tell them that 
libreoffice is stripping an EXTRA dot-component as compared to kde.  That 
wasn't apparent in the bug you already posted a link to.  There, it 
looked like it was just kde doing what it normally does, which is why it 
was closed NOTOURBUG when filed against libreoffice.

Meanwhile, if you'd like you can refer them to this thread as well, and 
they can see how we tested it out.  It's possible that might work better 
than trying to explain it in detail yourself across the language 
barrier.  I'm a regular on the mailing list and bug-tracker of several 
projects, and where I'm filing a bug (or CCing myself to a bug filed by 
someone else) that was discussed on the list, I always include a link to 
that discussion as well.   It certainly can't hurt to have the extra 
discussion from the thread available, and if they don't need it they 
don't have to go look.  FWIW, I do my lists via gmane, so do have a link 
to this thread handy. =:^)

Likewise, when you file the bug, please post the link to it back here as 
well.  That way, if anyone else has the problem and ends up here after 
googling it or whatever, they can see the bug and follow its resolution 
upstream, instead of just seeing the list discussion and having to search 
out the bug themselves.

So when the bug is discussed in both places, I always try to have a link 
from each, to the other.  People don't have to follow the link if they 
don't want to, but it sure helps if they do need the extra information. 

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