Plasma "upside down" ...

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Wed Jul 18 23:22:28 BST 2012

On 07/13/12 23:14, Hans Muecke wrote:
> Howdy folks,
> Ran into a strange problem ...
> Kubuntu 12.04LTS/KDE4.8.4 ...
> For whatever reason my plasma desktop crashed yesterday. Couldn't get it
> to come up again, so I deleted all the plasma files in the home
> directory to start from scratch.
> I must have done that in the "protected mode" unknowingly ... since
> today - when trying to change one of the desktop effects - I was told
> that I was running protected mode and should switch to the "normal"
> plasma desktop.
> Did as requested and ended up with an "upside down" desktop. Visually
> everything is upside down, but buttons still seem to be where they are
> supposed to be on the desktop (screenshots: and
> ). Everything looks fine in protected mode ... minus
> effects that is.
> Anyone have an idea what went wrong here and how to possibly correct it?

As many people pointed out, this might be an X problem, so I'd suggest 
you post output of --

DISPLAY=":0" xrandr

from one of the ttys.
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