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Martin Bednar serafean at
Sat Jul 14 16:34:23 BST 2012

Le samedi 14 juillet 2012 06:41:54 Hans Muecke a écrit :
> Am 13.07.2012 18:51, schrieb Duncan:
> Hi Duncan,
> > Hans Muecke posted on Fri, 13 Jul 2012 12:44:04 -0500 as excerpted:
> >> Howdy folks,
> >> 
> >> Ran into a strange problem ...
> >> 
> >> Kubuntu 12.04LTS/KDE4.8.4 ...
> >> 
> >> For whatever reason my plasma desktop crashed yesterday. Couldn't get it
> >> to come up again, so I deleted all the plasma files in the home
> >> directory to start from scratch.
> >> I must have done that in the "protected mode" unknowingly ... since
> >> today - when trying to change one of the desktop effects - I was told
> >> that I was running protected mode and should switch to the "normal"
> >> plasma desktop.
> >> Did as requested and ended up with an "upside down" desktop. Visually
> >> everything is upside down, but buttons still seem to be where they are
> >> supposed to be on the desktop (screenshots: and
> >> ). Everything looks fine in protected mode ... minus
> >> effects that is.
> >> 
> >> Anyone have an idea what went wrong here and how to possibly correct it?
> > 
> > That is indeed a strange problem.
> > 
> > I have a couple ideas, but I guess you're translating from whatever
> > (looks like German maybe?) to English (or maybe kubuntu changed the names
> I am doing this from german ...
> > from kde standard?) and the terms don't quite match what I'm used to.  So
> > let's first confirm that we're talking about the same thing. =:^)
> > 
> > 1) The thread title says plasma, and the pix look like plasma-desktop
> > only.  So the first thing is to confirm, it's plasma ONLY that's
> > affected, correct?  All other apps look normal?
> I might have been a bit incorrect here, since I didn't have any
> applications running at that moment, when I first ran into this problem.
> I just started from scratch again ... deleted the plasma* files in my
> home directory, rebooted and this time took care and chose the
> plasma-desktop session and not the protected one (when I say protected
> ... I can't think of another word for "abgesichert" which is also used
> when a windows crashes and gives one the choice of starting windows and
> starting a protected windows ... I think you get the idea).
> Started with setting up the desktop and tried to activate desktop
> effects via schift-alt-f12 and bamm! Everything upside down again, the
> screen flipped again, as I could tell from the control bar on the left
> side of the screen and the open system-settings window. Funny "side
> effect" .. while visually flipped I still had to click in the areas,
> where all the buttons are supposed to be (hope you understand what I am
> talking about ... :-) )

This is the most interesting part. What graphic card/driver (optionally 
acceleration method) are you using? This is only the output that is flipped, 
KDE and X know nothing about it. Try running an OpenGL appllication 
(preferrably fullscreen, with kwin effects disabled). My guess is that it too 
will be flipped.
To check that it isn't a weird kwin bug, create a new user, and try enabling 
effects there.
1 solution workaround you already found : 

> Since you mentioned OpenGL I chchanged the composite type to Xrender and
> I don't the problem there (means I can activate effects without the
> flipping of the screen).

the other would be to change/update a part of the graphics stack.

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