Help required regarding KDE Telepathy IM

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Should I try deleting all the packages related to telepathy and IM and reinstall the same to replicate the issue?

Many Thanks,
Nikhil Bhalwankar

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Le lundi 9 juillet 2012 13:24:58 Nikhil bhalwankar a écrit :
> Hi All,
> Greetings for the day !!
> It would be much appreciated if you provide me inputs on KDE Telepahy IM. I
> have a following issue,
> I
> installed Fedora Core 17 on my laptop 2 days back. Yesterday when I
> started the laptop, I found my status as ONLINE in this messenger and
> was showing around 90 contacts. I did not configure any of the accounts
> but I found 2 accounts automatically got configured. It looks like the
> accounts were using my unix username.

This is just a guess but haven't you by any chance started your laptop on a 
public network with many Apple/linux devices present? My guess is that fedora 
automatically creates a  local xmpp account, which discovers users in your 
area. check the type of the accounts.

> Can you
> please help me on this? Is this something strange or this is a normal
> behaviour? Are there any default chat rooms which automatically get
> configured or is there something related to KDE wallet? I am little bit
> worried. Please help.

If you had previously installed linux where you used telepathy, and haven't 
deleted the partition, it is possible that your previous settings are being 

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