knotify4 going crazy & breeding like rabbits

gene heskett gheskett at
Mon Feb 20 23:00:15 GMT 2012


I have so far today, killed around 75 copies of /usr/bin/knotify4 which is 
pegging out all 4 cores of my phenom, and running it up to 70C+.

Killing all copies (which is puzzling because killall can't find them but 
htop can) cleans the system up & brings back normal operation.

But in half an hour I am back to 4 to 6 copies and a pegged cpu.

This seems to go along with an uptime of 10 days or more, currently at 18 

Is there a permanent fix for this other than switching to (I'd rather just 
have somebody shoot me) gnome or even (quite a bit better IMO) xfce?


Cheers, Gene
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