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Wed Feb 15 23:21:16 GMT 2012

P Nikolic posted on Wed, 15 Feb 2012 17:27:19 +0000 as excerpted:

> I am having a lot of reports of segfaults with nepomukservices
> Feb 12 08:24:16 7-of-9 kernel: [233271.349534] nepomukservices[7638]:
> segfault at 100000000 ip 00007fa8ce06deef sp 00007fa8bca876b0 error 4 in
> I have line after line of these reports in the message log   and i see
> in a google search this is not new   kde 4.4  i am on KDE 4.8  .
> Is this going to be fixed as it seems to cause problems at times  or is
> this getting classed as a not kde problem

One fix for that would be building kde without soprano, nepomuk, etc.  On 
gentoo, it's simply USE=-semantic-desktop (but AFAIK it's not possible if 
you're using akonadi or any kdepim packages, which depend on kdepim-
common-libs, which depends on akonadi, which won't work without 

That's what I ended up doing here.  I got tired of the performance drag 
and bugs of semantic-desktop, and not only turned it off, but rebuilt 
without it.  For the first time, kde4 is as nice and fast as kde-3.5.10 
was!  That stuff really DOES slow the system down dramatically!

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