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Tue Feb 14 14:00:26 GMT 2012

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On 14/02/12 12:40, Duncan wrote:
> P Nikolic posted on Tue, 14 Feb 2012 11:10:00 +0000 as excerpted:
>> I am having a couple of problems  that are becoming a PITA
> The by-point replies below probably aren't what you wanted to read,
> but they're how I deal with it.  Other than simply pointing them
> out as options, I'm mainly just acknowledging your post, so it
> doesn't go entirely unreplied if someone else doesn't reply with
> solutions hopefully closer to your present setup.
>> 1 .  Kmail will randomly just bomb out bang gone   plus the
>> mailing list filters  miss so much mail i have to filter by hand
>> .
> FWIW, after trying akonadified kmail, I decided the kmail devs were
>  taking it, and by extension all of kdepim in a direction opposite
> the one I was headed.  I don't believe the
> akonadified/database-backed version will be as stable as old kmail
> was, at least for me, for several releases, say 4.10 or so, and I
> considered email too vital to be causing me stability and
> dependability headaches for over a year.
> So I switched to claws-mail, which was right for me.  The
> conversion process wasn't entirely without issue, but then again,
> neither was the upgrade to akonadified kmail.  Other people may be
> more comfortable with thunderbird or evolution, but they weren't
> right for me either, while claws-mail ended up being a better match
> for me than the pre-akonadified kmail was.
> So choose what you like, including staying with kmail if you
> continue to be comfortable with it, but if you had thought about
> switching, now's probably the time to do it, because as I said, I
> don't expect kmail to be really stable again for another year, to
> 4.10 or so, based on recent kde stabilization time history.
Do whatever you can to live with it for just a little longer, or
choose a temporary replacement.  Like many others, I had to.  The
news, though, is that the kdepim developers had a sprint this weekend
when they found and fixed many issues, so we should be able to expect
a serious improvement in an update very soon.

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