Something about Chrome and KDE Wallet Service

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Thu Dec 13 09:34:56 GMT 2012

On Thursday, 2012-12-13, Duncan wrote:

> First, a quick request.  Please refrain from posting HTML to the kde
> lists, as last I checked was suggested in the kde mailing list
> guidelines.  Not everyone wants the security and other risks associated
> with using a standard HTML parser on messages which could be sent by
> anyone and used, among other things, for "web bug" spyware and other
> malware.  Plain text is good. =:^)

This could be a problem of your setup. The mail of Burgess Wong contains both 
a plain text version and a HTML version (multipart/mixed).

This allows the recipient's mail reader to display whatever its user prefers, 
in my case the plain text version. Seems your mail reader thinks you prefer 
the HTML version.

> Second, I believe you'll find a thread on this very topic from the end of
> November, over on the kde-linux list (as opposed to the kde-general list,
> this one), rather useful.

The two issues sound similar but not identical. The user on kde-linux had the 
issue that each new tab caused a KWallet authentication request, while here it 
seems to be limited to Chrome startup.

Obviously KWallet as the service can't do anything about Chrome asking for 
access, however, it usually can control whether it needs to ask the user.

I had a look at KWalletmanager and it has the option to not ask at all. 
Alternatively it can have different access rules for different applications.
Maybe the rule for Chrome is currently set to "always ask" and could be 
deleted and at next access replaced with "always grant".

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