Something about Chrome and KDE Wallet Service

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Thu Dec 13 09:07:55 GMT 2012

Burgess Wong posted on Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:51:25 +0800 as excerpted:

>     <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=GB2312">
>   </head>
>   <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000">
>     <font face="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif">Hi everyone,<br>
>       I'm using Chrome on KDE and something makes me confused. Each time
>       I run Chrome, it requests for kde wallet service, then I need to
>       enter my password. It's good for privacy protection, but can be
>       annoying sometimes. How to disable Chrome's requesting for kde
>       wallet service? Or at least configure it to request only when it's
>       needed?<br>
>       <br>
>       Regards,<br>
>       Burgess Wong</font><br>
>   </body>
> </html>

First, a quick request.  Please refrain from posting HTML to the kde 
lists, as last I checked was suggested in the kde mailing list 
guidelines.  Not everyone wants the security and other risks associated 
with using a standard HTML parser on messages which could be sent by 
anyone and used, among other things, for "web bug" spyware and other 
malware.  Plain text is good. =:^)

Second, I believe you'll find a thread on this very topic from the end of 
November, over on the kde-linux list (as opposed to the kde-general list, 
this one), rather useful.  I'm assuming you're not following that list or 
you'd have seen it, so here's a link to the thread on gmane.  (FWIW, I 
use the gmane list2news service to follow all my subscribed lists as 
newsgroups, and they add a header linking the web interface version of 
the post, so getting the link is easy enough here, as long as I remember 
enough about the message/thread to find it in my news client.)

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