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On 10/12/12 21:42, Duncan wrote:
>> KDE is, for the most part, entirely stable - just stay away from
>>> KDE-PIM.

> Definitely agree on kdepim, but I'd throw in pretty much the entire
>  semantic-desktop in there as well.  Tho YMMV, as they say.  But dE
> has a point.  One big personal example here, the one that finally
> triggered my switch from konqueror to firefox as my default
> browser, was the so-called stable series 4.6.2 konqueror infamous
> form double-submission bug.
<long snip>

To be honest, my approach is to treat a desktop as simply that, a
desktop, onto which I install the applications that best meet my
needs.  I used to avoid Thunderbird, as it seemed too simplistic after
KMail (I was a devoted user of the old kontact suite).  When I really
needed to change an off-list conversation with a helpful other user
pointed me to extensions that allow TB to give me 95% of the
functionality that I want.  And since I can integrate my Google
calendar I'm settled here, and will only change if and when KMail is
as good as it used to be.

I don't have any problem, either, in running gnome apps under KDE - I
use a few because they fit my workflow.  Yes, lots of libraries have
to be installed if you run apps across desktops, but at the price of
storage today, is that really a problem?  For the most part those
libraries are invoked when needed then dropped, so there isn't any
serious resource problem.  I seriously admire the capabilities of
digiKam, but find GIMP more to my taste.  I'm  not sure that I'd
recommend either of them to a complete newbie (though the existance of
those tutorials I mentioned makes digiKam less daunting than it would
otherwise be.  Some of the other apps mentioned for this purpose may
be better suited.  Also, check out the print capabilities, if that
could be important to you.  Some can, for instance, to four images to
a page completely borderless, others can't.  Not too important for me,
but would be for some.

As for your comments about Konqueror, it seems to me that it is an
application for purists.  I'm a pragmatist.  If something doesn't work
as I need, I look elsewhere.  The only time I use Konqueror now is for
reading man pages, which the kio slave handles beautifully.  The slick
html formatting simply makes reading so much easier.  If I need to
refer to a man page frequently I print it out from there.

Other than that, I totally agree that assessing each available app for
a purpose until you find one that fits 90%+ of your needs is the way
to go.

The greatest thing about using Linux is that there are always *many*
choices.  If you have a little patience you will almost always find
something that is almost ideal for you.

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