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Mon Dec 10 14:42:52 GMT 2012

On 12/08/12 02:46, Alex Schuster wrote:
> Hi there!
> As some of you may know, I'm a Gentoo user, and I have a KDE which is 
> quite well configured. But I'm setting up a PC for a lady who has 
> _very_ limited PC experience. She wants to try Linux, because she 
> became deprived of e-mail access by her ISP after her account started 
> to send SPAM due to some Windows malware. She only uses Firefox 
> (mainly for eBay), a mail client for two mail accounts, an image 
> viewer, and she needs to import photos from her camera. She also likes 
> to play two Windows games, Space Cadet (pinball) and some cards game.
> So I installed openSUSE (12.2 I think) on her new PC. For the desktop 
> environment, I chose KDE because it is so configurable. There should 
> be extra large icons on the desktop for example. I can set the fonts 
> to a huge size, which works fine mostly - notifications however show 
> up with text lines merged into another, so the text is not readable. 
> This happens when I plug in an USB camera, KDE asks if I want to open 
> it with Dolphin, or if I want to import pictures with Gwenview or 
> Digikam. Maybe I can tune this so only one entry appears.
> Photo import is the main problem: She currently has some Windows 
> application which allows to import all new images of the camera to a 
> folder. I would really REALLY like to have this feature, but it does 
> not seem to be possible.
> When the camera is plugged in, I can choose to import images with 
> Digikam. Works, with a few clicks. But when I do this again, Digikam 
> wants to import all images again, not only the new ones. It is working 
> fine as long as I do not close Digikam, but when I open it again, it 
> will import all images. This make es it basically unusable.
> I'm not sure if this also happened when I have Digikam running and 
> import manually, but this involves more clicks, and is also not what I 
> want.
> Gwenview imports only the new images. Fine, but also with way to many 
> clicks. The user needs to open folders named 'DCIM' and such, has to 
> pick the right ones, and the dialog asks him to import 'documents', 
> not 'pictures' or 'photos'. You might think tis is not a big deal, but 
> I fear this will make the user keep using the old Windows PC, where 
> everything works as expected.
> Any ideas how I could solve this? Is there any possibility to import 
> all new images from a camera to a folder? I would not mind scripting 
> if necessary.
> Sorry, I do not know the exact version of KDE, and I do not have the 
> PC here right now. Maybe this is a bug which is already fixed. I do 
> not have access to my own PC right now, too, so I cannot simply check 
> this. So I'm sorry for asking here, but I'm moving, and only have a 
> Windows laptop with me at the moment.
> Another disappointment was KMail, which I gave another try. The 
> problem was that I did not know the passwords yet, and it (or rather 
> Akonadi) kept asking for it, I was not even able to delete the 
> resource because of the dialog which would appear over and over 
> again.  I guess I could have solved this eventually, but then I 
> decided to simply use Thunderbird instead.
> What was great about using KDE was the possibility to configure the 
> desktop. I removed all window title bar buttons except for the close 
> button - minimizing an application to the panel would already be too 
> complicated, don't ask :)  A double click on the title bar to maximize 
> the window is okay, other stuff is too sophisticated. If she wants to 
> use another application, she simply closes the one she is using. She 
> is happy with this, and then so be it.
> I also disabled features like maximizing windows when they are moved 
> to the screen borders, or special effects happening when the mouse 
> enters the screen's corners. While I personally like those features 
> much, it's great that they are all optional. Thanks for leaving KDE so 
> much configurable, I guess this would not be possible with Gnome.
>     Wonko
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Yeah, and for that camera app, use any of digikam, kamera, gtkam, gthumb 
etc... And ensure you've all gphoto2 dependencies installed.
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