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Am Montag, 10. Dezember 2012, 21:07:34 schrieb dE .:
> On 12/10/12 20:45, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Antivirus software definitely does work - as long as it is set up to
> > receive signature updates regularly. The reason there are so many
> > infected computers is that many people don't use an AV product at all,
> > others install one, preferably a free-as-in-beer one, and don't
> > properly set up updates. I know one user who has used Windows daily
> > for 20+ years and never had a single infection. Education on key risks
> > is the key. And no, Linux isn't safe from malware. Safer than Windows,
> > yes, if you leave holes in Windows, but an unprotected computer,
> > whichever OS it is using, is likely to be compromised sooner or later.
> Oh, I did mail you that Norton security breach right?
> And another scenario you may not believe. How did Windows 8, Windows 7,
> Windows 7 SP1 released to P2P networks even before MS released anything
> about it?

How does this (and other points) relate to the opening question?
The question is not about Windows or Linux anymore, i guess. Question is how 
to make your system (KDE in this case, obviously) fit in that certain use case.

So let's stay on topic here.

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