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On 10/12/12 14:38, dE . wrote:
> I'd not suggest KDE. Go for Xfce, and I personally give Debian to
> other users (although I myself use Gentoo with KDE and with no
> buttons on the title bar).

As an example of FUD, this message takes some beating.  Just to deal
with a few points -

KDE is, for the most part, entirely stable - just stay away from KDE-PIM.

You recommendation to mislead her on the spam subject is objectionable.

Antivirus software definitely does work - as long as it is set up to
receive signature updates regularly.  The reason there are so many
infected computers is that many people don't use an AV product at all,
others install one, preferably a free-as-in-beer one, and don't
properly set up updates.  I know one user who has used Windows daily
for 20+ years and never had a single infection.  Education on key
risks is the key.

And no, Linux isn't safe from malware.  Safer than Windows, yes, if
you leave holes in Windows, but an unprotected computer, whichever OS
it is using, is likely to be compromised sooner or later.

For photo handling, if you want one application to pull the images in.
catalogue, and edit them, You might want to look at

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