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On Saturday, 2012-12-08, adrelanos wrote:
> Hi!
> I, as a distro developer (Whonix), want to make folderview the default
> for all users. (Right click on desktop -> Desktop Settings -> Layout ->
> Folder View) (I don't care if people change it later.)
> The distro is based on Debian. I am replacing the original
> /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma-desktop/init/00-defaultLayout.js. The file
> originally looks like:
> ------------------------------------------------------------


> ------------------------------------------------------------
> I am changing 'var activity = new Activity' to 'var activity = new
> Activity("folderview");'. That's it. Minor change.
> Is there a better way than replacing the file?
> Stacking the kde configuration files somehow? It didn't work for me.
> /etc/environment sets: 'KDEDIRS=/usr/local/share/whonix/kde/' and I
> placed the patched 00-defaultLayout.js into the stacked kde
> configuration folder. I.e.
> /usr/local/share/whonix/kde/apps/plasma-desktop/init/00-defaultLayout.js
> Any idea why it's not working?

Does the path appear in the output of
kde4-config --path data

If it does make sure this is the environment /usr/bin/startkde sees.

> Is my approach good or is there are more correct way to do it?

My guess would be that this is the right way. If the above check doesn't yield 
any problem, I would suggest to subscribe to plasma-devel at and ask 
there again.

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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