How to install KDE 4.9 on Debian Squeeze

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Mon Aug 20 11:52:09 BST 2012

Hello Harry,

I founded this link available for Kubuntu :

On Debian Squeeze :
# add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports -y
gpg --ignore-time-conflict --no-options --no-default-keyring --secret-keyring /etc/apt/secring.gpg --trustdb-name /etc/apt/trustdb.gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --primary-keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --keyserver --recv-keys

Debian seems not accepted to work with a backport Ubuntu ...

Bye, see you.


On Sunday 19 August 2012 16:44:04 Harry Miller wrote:
> One can do it, but its going to be a pain as you have to compile qt on your
> own plus all the little deps like strigi which will overwrite your distro
> packages and possibly cause alot of problems later on. I'd suggest using a
> more up-to-date distro since andre evidently isn't that familiar with
> compiling from scratch. or hope that someone has a repo with kde 4.9
> available for squeeze.
> --- On Sun, 8/19/12, dE . <de.techno at> wrote:
> I think its not possible cause of old QT libs.

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> On Aug 18, 2012 7:50 PM,  <andre_debian at> wrote:
> The command "aptitude install kde .."
> could do that but with the 4.6 version
> and I want the 4.9.
> I downloaded the KDE 4.9 package on the KDE site,
> but no howto to compile and install the package.
> Thank for a help. andré
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