Dolphin search anomalies KDE 4.6.0

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Sat Apr 7 15:32:43 BST 2012

Well basically because Dolphin is nearly there. I suggested an improvement to it on the kde forum and it sounded like it might happen - being able to select which directory trees are searched by high lighting them. No idea if it has happened but that would be a useful step up from Konq. I also thought that the general idea was to replace konq with dolphin. Unlike some I don't get over excited by change - eg certain people saying that throwing konq into the dustbin and rewriting borders on criminality. I I know why that sort of approach is needed at times. The general idea was to replace it for file management with dolphin. Apart from the few aspects relating to the search which it has had tucked under edit for some time I don't have any miss givings about it. And of course as most of us know bookmarks for files are rather useful.  The occasional short machine freezes will have to be faced up to some time I would have thought so I wait. The search delays
 are acceptable with watsit disabled and subsequent searches are much quicker anyway. Suse 9. something low did one slow search and there after was quick. I'm not sure how and or when they updated the index. In my view any attempt to index and store away data on content was doomed before it even started. Selectable yes but even bypassing uses up cpu resources.

The only other areas that would concern me is windoze style dumbing down - everybody downloading video's and music etc what ever they happen to do especially to one specific app. I can go from my camera straight to gimp via dolphin but if I wanted to use something else I  am not sure if the menu could be changed.  All fine providing kde's traditional flexibility is still there. :-) In the extreme that seems to have got a little more complicated to sort out but it's new and I haven't really looked yet and it may well still have problems. I ditched earlier attempts to fire up dolphin after asking for a password for my nas as none of the available methods worked as it seems they should. I also want an easy method of logging off the nas eg closing the dolphin window. Couldn't see any way of doing that. I wont be trying to do that again until my next upgrade. Not sure when that will be. As things are I just use the cursor button is a console window. Suppose
 I could use a shell script.

Kmail is fine for my use too. No different to the earlier 3.x versions really and even the address book always works correctly now. Had some problems with importing but that was down to a miss understanding by me. The filters work as they always have too. I don't have huge volumes of emails but suspect that some people who are complaining about it are making a bit of a meal of it really or trying to get rid of the freezes. I find those a bit of a pain sometimes mostly when kmail is running or during a hefty web browsing episode. They also just happen along with the tinkling drive sounds - in the extreme with all enabled I'm sure that would wear peoples drives out.


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>> I'm trying to use Dolphin - the file manager as konq used to be
>> Comments related to Dolphin
>Hmm, ok. But why not use Konqueror if you are looking for its features?
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