Sluggish computer, KMail hogging the CPU

SchmiTTT cv.schmitt at
Tue Apr 3 19:17:58 BST 2012

It is a typic "spleen" of kmail to make all things slowlier and 
slowlier, tiddly pom.


kmail is loading all mail-traffic onto your computer as if your computer 
is the mail-server for you. But this makes your computer slowlier with 

If you use e.g. thunderbird with gmail account, then thunderbird
administrates your mail-traffic on the server at
far more quicker and not slowlier the greater your traffic is.

Advantage of kmail is, that you have all your mail-traffic on your 
computer and privately for you.

Or you can share your datas at an "outlander"-server like


Am 2012-04-03 19:43, schrieb Russ Mannex:
> Is that version number of kmail correct? If so, that seems like an awfully old
> version.


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