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Alex Schuster wonko at
Sun Apr 1 18:08:08 BST 2012

Duncan writes:

> Alex Schuster posted on Sun, 01 Apr 2012 09:00:37 +0200 as excerpted:

> > After a while, I got LOTS!! of notifications:
> > - Local Folders: Error: Not supported type (this one for dozends of
> >   times). BTW: Is there a log of all those notifications? I could
> > access the last ones via the thingy in the panel, but after a while
> > they were all gone.
> There should be, yes.  It'll be in your akonadi dir, which should be 
> located under one of either XDG_DATA_HOME or XDG_CONFIG_HOME, IDR
> which. There should be two logs, one for the current akonadi session,
> one for the previous, if there were errors (not if there were none).
> IIRC one of the akonadi-test/config tools has a test that will give you
> the status of these logs, etc.

In .local/share/akonadi/ I have akonadi_control.error.old and
akonadiserver.error.old, each containing a single line only. But I had
some logins after that incident, these days I'm having many more KDE
problems, with plasma, which is unusable at the moment. I experience this
for some das now, normally it suffices to restore my
plasma-desktop-appletsrc file from a backup, but now this no longer

Still, some log of ALL notifications somewhere would be nice to have.

> > Kmail crashed then. After restart, the Archives/Gentoo-User-2010
> > folder is gone. But 'Local Folders/Backup' is still empty. So, it
> > seems that KMail just ate a whole folder containing 12,000 mails.
> > It's no big trouble, I don't need those old mails, and I would have a
> > backup. But I don't think I will ever do such a thing again in KMail,
> > at least not without prior duplicating of the folder. This is so
> > creepy. I read about KMail destroying mails, but that was during the
> > migration from KMail1 to KMail2, not a simple task like moving mails
> > around.
> I'm guessing that if you check the actual filesystem, you'll find most
> of the messages safely stored in maildir.  The akonadi database doesn't 
> actually store the messages, only indexes them.  It's that index that's 
> probably corrupt, and if you find the the actual dir location, you may
> be able to (delete if necessary and...) recreate a new akonadi resource
> out of it, thus allowing a reindex.

Well, the resource points to .local/share/local-mail/, which only has
empty cur, new and tmp directories. And
there's .local/share/, which has the
subdirectories of my local folders, but the Backup/ directory is empty. I
just moved a single mail to Local Folders/Backup, and it showed up there,
so this IS the real location of my mails. And it should be like this,
it's set like this in the local folders resource.
And there was not much time between me moving the folder and KMail
crashing, probably not enough to actually download 12,000 messages from my
remote IMAP server to my local folders.
I also checked on the IMAP server, there is no longer a Gentoo-User-2010

> However, it was exactly that sort of games with my mail that I had had 
> enough of when I switched to claws-mail.  Claws may have
> single-threading and responsiveness issues, but it has yet to barf all
> over my mail and try to lose bits of it, forcing me to play hide and
> seek with mail that DID "just work" with kmail, until they akonadified
> it, as akonadi was doing.

Yes, I was quite happy with the old KMail. The new one still has many
problems which happen every day. Like showing unread mails which I
already hav read. Sometimes it helps to select them again, sometimes even
this does not work.
There is an IMAP folder that KMail shows to have 8 unread mails, but when
I select it: 'Unknown Error. (Unable to fetch from backend)'. I just
removed this folder from my subscription, now at least I can browse
through my new mails whithout always getting this error when I bypass
this folder.
BTW, there is no function to just move on to the next unread mail,
wherever it is, or is there? I can move to the next unread mail of the
current folder, and I can move to the next unread folder. No big deal,
but somewhat inconvenient. In Claws I just press the space bar, advancing
from page to page, from mail to next unread mail, from folder to next
unread folder.

Maybe I should move away from KDE apps. Use Claws or Thunderbird instead
of KMail. Liferea instead of Akregator which makes Kontact crash several
times a day. Something else instead of KNode which often forgets which
articles I have read already. Although I'd miss things like the adress
book, and things being integrated.
Konqeror also crashes too often, but it's still my default browser.

And Plasma... it's acting weird so often. Yes, I could try to start with
a fresh install, but I do not want to do this once per year, with many
things still not working after that. At least that's the experiences from
the past. And it takes much time to re-configure all as I like it. Now
I'll dig through my .kde4 backups, let's see if I can make plasma work

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