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Alex Schuster wonko at
Sun Apr 1 08:00:37 BST 2012

Hi there!

What I just did:

- Rename IMAP folder 'Archives/2010' to 'Archives/Gentoo-User-2010', using
  Claws Mail
- Wait until KMail shows this folder with its new name. Got some Akonadi
  errors meanwhile, but I'm getting used to it
- Move this folder to 'Local Folders/Backup/'

After a while, I got LOTS!! of notifications:
- Local Folders: Error: Not supported type (this one for dozends of
  times). BTW: Is there a log of all those notifications? I could access
  the last ones via the thingy in the panel, but after a while they were
  all gone.
- Virtyou: Connection aborted
- Virtyou: There is no connection to the IMAP server
- Local Folders: Item query returned empty result

Kmail crashed then. After restart, the Archives/Gentoo-User-2010 folder
is gone. But 'Local Folders/Backup' is still empty. So, it seems that
KMail just ate a whole folder containing 12,000 mails. It's no big
trouble, I don't need those old mails, and I would have a backup. But I
don't think I will ever do such a thing again in KMail, at least not
without prior duplicating of the folder. This is so creepy. I read about
KMail destroying mails, but that was during the migration from KMail1 to
KMail2, not a simple task like moving mails around.

You see, I'm still with KMail. At least sometimes. I'm using Claws for
daily stuff, but did not configure stuff like encryption yet. And I would
prefer to use KMail for local directories.

I also see some benefits of the akonadification. For example, Claws does
not let me configure any accounts while a composing window is open. No
major annoyance, really, but KMail does not have such issues. It also
does not pause while checking for new mails, which Claws does. It's just
that there are still sooo many little problems with it. Claws is easier
to use.

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